The BNMF is a beacon in the media landscape of the Western Balkans, bringing visioners from around the world. It’s not just a gathering – it’s a platform where creativity meets expertise and innovative minds collaborate to shape the future of media.

Our new side event, INNOVATION DAYS, explores the transformative power of AI and the vibrant energy of Gen Z in the newsroom.

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BNMF stories

Can Dündar, a prominent Turkish journalist in exile, shares his insights on the challenges and responsibilities of journalism in today’s autocratic world, emphasizing the need for global solidarity and the power of social media in the fight for truth.

In a dynamic panel discussion, experts from diverse backgrounds confront the entrenched stereotypes and emerging challenges in the media landscape of the Western Balkans. Their insights reveal a multifaceted struggle for gender inclusivity.

At the 2023 Brave New Media Forum in Belgrade, a panel of LGBTQ+ activists and allies, hosted by Jakov I. Leon, delved into the heart of LGBTQ+ challenges in the Balkans, sharing personal stories and strategies for fostering acceptance in a region.

In an era where screens often replace face-to-face interactions, GenBench emerges as a novel initiative. This project, transcending digital barriers, brings generations together on park benches, fostering meaningful conversations and understanding.

What we do

Panel discussions

Join us for a thought-provoking exchange of opinions and ideas! BNMF panel discussions bring together diverse voices to address current challenges, share knowledge, and initiate change. Be part of the dialog and elevate young voices.

Deep-dive sessions

Take a deep dive into the media landscape! These sessions feature an intimate setting for in-depth explorations, fostering learning and nuanced discussions. Expand your understanding of media and engage with industry insights.

Side events

Expand your network and knowledge! The BNMF showcases a mix of projects, workshops and activities that encourage creativity, collaboration, and community building. Connect, learn, and discover new perspectives.

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Here's the recap of the second day highlights of #BNMF23 in Belgrade, Serbia 🎈Enjoy!
Here's the recap of the second day highlights of #BNMF23 in Belgrade, Serbia 🎈Enjoy!
Take a look at the recap of the first day of #BNMF23! 🎉

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