Brave New Media Forum 2021 - Reloaded

In order to protect our dear BNMF guests and thereby contribute to preventing the spread of the COVID virus, the 2021 BRAVE NEW MEDIA FORUM – Reloaded was also held virtually, online, with a limited number of speakers present in the studio in Novi Sad, Serbia. 

Again in a two-day format, BNMF presented dozens of successful digital formats and platforms for children and young people from the Balkans, some EU countries, and Australia. Hot topics discussed in the live stream were how to encourage young people to vaccinate, how to strengthen young media, sponsorships — blessing or curse for influencers. 

For the first time, so-called closed “deep-dive sessions” were introduced as part of the BNMF program, intended for registered forum guests only. Some issues addressed that year were how to counter hate speech, tips and trends for young audiences of public broadcasters. 

Media platforms and organizations participating in the 2021 Brave New Media Forum: Zoomer, Glas mladih, Radio Active, RTCG, Goce Media, Makanje, Oradio, Infodrom, RTV Slo, ENTR (DW), Click click boom, Digital uprising, European Youth Press, WHO, CovidBaseAU.