GenBench: Bridging generational divides in a digital world

In an era where screens often replace face-to-face interactions, GenBench emerges as a novel initiative. This project, transcending digital barriers, brings generations together on park benches, fostering meaningful conversations and understanding.

Beyond tolerance: Advocating for LGBTQ+ empowerment in the Balkans

At the 2023 Brave New Media Forum in Belgrade, a panel of LGBTQ+ activists and allies, hosted by Jakov I. Leon, delved into the heart of LGBTQ+ challenges in the Balkans, sharing personal stories and strategies for fostering acceptance in a region marked by contrasts.

Shattering stereotypes: A bold quest for gender equality in Balkan media

In a dynamic panel discussion, experts from diverse backgrounds confront the entrenched stereotypes and emerging challenges in the media landscape of the Western Balkans. Their insights reveal a multifaceted struggle for gender inclusivity, highlighting the urgency of diversity and the impact of online violence.

Brave New Media Forum: Youths speak out

Journalists, YouTubers and teenagers from twelve countries met at the end of October in Belgrade to discuss innovative digital formats and ethical issues around new media. It was a forum for building bridges. What can media professionals learn from young journalists? That was a key question behind the two-day Brave New Media Forum held in the Serbian capital,…

Brave New Media Forum: Young media in the pandemic

At the fourth Brave New Media Forum, media professionals and YouTube stars discussed with young people and children the impact the pandemic is having. “We’re not just dealing with the coronavirus in Serbia,” said Ana Lalić. “Freedom of the press is being destroyed here and we’re being silenced.” The Serbian journalist had experienced this first…

Western Balkans: Young media outlets establish a network

At the Brave New Media Forum 2021, ten youth media outlets lay the cornerstone for a joint Young Media Network “At last, young people have a regional platform to position them more strongly in the media market,” said Adna Kepeš, a student who became Radio Active‘s editor-in-chief three months ago. The community radio produces programs for…

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