Since 2017, Brave New Media Forum has brought together media-makers, fact-checkers, and civil society activists from the Balkans, Western and Eastern Europe, and the rest of the world to share best practices and inspire each other. This year BNMF will be accompanied by a side event called Innovation Days, which will showcase trends and new technologies in the media landscape.

BNMF is not just an event! It’s a vibrant community where young media makers engage in meaningful dialogue, share innovative ideas, and influence society through mainstream media but also their own platforms. Over the years, we’ve welcomed over 300 participants from 25 countries who have tackled numerous hot topics, such as fake news, hate speech, and business models for young media entrepreneurs.

This year, on November 17-18 in Jugoslovenska Kinoteka (Yugoslav Film Archive), Belgrade, Serbia, we continue to focus on current societal and cross-generational topics, with a special emphasis on Press Freedom. We will also host an “Innovation Days” side-event, providing a space for creative and forward-thinking discussions.

Creating a space where our guests feel comfortable, was one of our priorities. 🥰 

We are happy for making it true for famous influenser from Montenegro @bojancce 🙌🏻

Girls from Kosovo are teaching me their language 🥰  #bnmf_reunion #dw_akademie
We are definitely building bridges! ❤️‍🔥

One of the spotlights for the day “Sex Ed Glossary” starts at 4pm! ⏳

Created by @neza.p.s from Slovenia ☺️

Women's rights are human rights ❗️

Creating a community that understands importance of women’s rights in Iran with activist @neginshira 

Hearing other people’s experiences is always more than useful ❗

What did @yasser_stain say to us today about mental health? 🧐

Možda ipak i ličimo?¿ 🧐

_bravenewmedia_ 2022 💙

Vahe Sarukhanyan is a journalist and fact-checker from Armenia who came to Belgrade to share his experiences with us. 🔥

Big thanks to him for an inspirative session! ❤

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Young Media Network - a place for young people in media to feel safe with their ideas, giving them oportunities to be creative and to share their knowledge with new people

Jelena Božić, president of Young Media Network at #BNMF_REUNION
The day has come! 🥳

We are waiting for you at Dečji kulturni centar, Belgrade! 🔥

Today and tomorrow will be days to remember! 😍

Last year everything was about #covid, as well as most of our sessions. 🤒

What does PhD Mila Paunić, epidemiologist from Belgrade and one of our last year’s speakers, think about the #bnmf? 🧐

Watch the video and find out! 🔥

Wonder where you can discover more about #BNMF_REUONIN? 🧐

Listen what Milica has to say! 🔥

Follow us on TikTok as well (@bravenewmedia)! 🥰

Just a couple of days left! ⏳

Can’t wait to see you at #BNMF_REUNION 18-19 November in Belgrade! 😍

For security reasons please register on by November 17. ❤

Stay tuned for more information! 🥰

‼️ The protests in #Iran are still taking place and the fight is not over yet.

After the first execution of a protester — Mohsen Shekari, who was convicted and later hanged, 🇮🇷’s regime hopes people will be silenced and stay at home.

A rushed, unlawful and brutal killing of a young protester won’t deter others from taking to the streets, though.

What you as someone who has no connection to Iran can do to contribute to people, especially women fighting for their fundamental #humanrights? 

neginshira has a suggestion and invites all of you watching #worldcup football matches.

#iran #iranrevolution #iranprotests #mahsaamini #womensrights #مهسا_امینی امینی #marocco #portugal #england #france fifaworldcup #argentina  #croatia #bnmf_reunion
Young people are tired of living in the toxic enviornment of the past.

Meeting young content creators from different countries, exchanging experiences and perspectives on important topics, hearing about different mindsets can be really fun!

We hope our dear colleague from Germany and a very successful outlet for young people — Funk, got to know Balkan in the best possible way @_maltebrn_ ☺️ 

Becoming a nationalist is a choice.





Brave New Media Forum

November 18-19, 2022
Decji kulturni centar, Belgrade/Serbia & Online