GenBench: Bridging generational divides in a digital world

In an era where screens often replace face-to-face interactions, GenBench emerges as a novel initiative. This project, transcending digital barriers, brings generations together on park benches, fostering meaningful conversations and understanding.

Beyond tolerance: Advocating for LGBTQ+ empowerment in the Balkans

At the 2023 Brave New Media Forum in Belgrade, a panel of LGBTQ+ activists and allies, hosted by Jakov I. Leon, delved into the heart of LGBTQ+ challenges in the Balkans, sharing personal stories and strategies for fostering acceptance in a region marked by contrasts.

Shattering stereotypes: A bold quest for gender equality in Balkan media

In a dynamic panel discussion, experts from diverse backgrounds confront the entrenched stereotypes and emerging challenges in the media landscape of the Western Balkans. Their insights reveal a multifaceted struggle for gender inclusivity, highlighting the urgency of diversity and the impact of online violence.