BNMF2023: Level up your media game!

Welcome to the Brave New Media Forum (BNMF) – a dynamic and groundbreaking event where young voices come together to shape the future of media!


BNMF is not just an event — it’s a revolution, a vibrant community of media makers ready to impact society and redefine the media landscape. Whether you’re a young content creator, an experienced media professional, or someone who values the inclusion of youth in the creative process, BNMF is your stage!


A global confluence of diverse voices

The BNMF is a key media forum in the Western Balkans, bringing together participants and guests from around the world. Co-organized by DW Akademie and the OSCE Mission to Serbia, the BNMF fosters engagement, learning, and social impact through media. It’s a melting pot of ideas where media makers of all ages and backgrounds share best practices and inspire each other to raise media standards.


Inclusion now for the audience of the future

As a unique platform, the BNMF recognizes the importance of involving children and youth not only in the creative process but also in decision-making. It’s a collaborative space where the young and the experienced work together to ensure that the media landscape is inclusive and diverse. After all, engaging today’s youth is key to engaging tomorrow’s audiences.


Spotlight on press freedom and inclusivity

This year, the BNMF shines a spotlight on critical issues such as press freedom in countries like Turkey and Myanmar, but also in the Western Balkans, giving a voice to minority media and addressing the challenges faced by journalists in hostile environments. The forum will also focus on fostering LGBTQI+ acceptance in societies, with discussions aimed at combating hate speech and promoting inclusivity.


Elevating content for diverse audiences

BNMF 2023 will feature panels on raising the profile of content for diverse audiences, with insights from the Young Media Network and the Association for Voluntary Self-Regulation of Digital Media Service Providers. The Forum is dedicated to bridging the conversation gap between generations and creating a gender-inclusive media landscape, ensuring that every voice is heard and respected.


Innovation Days: Shaping the future of media

BNMF isn’t just about discussion, but about action and innovation! This year, we are hosting the Innovation Days side event, which provides a setting for creative and forward-thinking discussions. Innovation Days is where breakthrough ideas are born, and the future of media gets a fresh perspective. Join us as we navigate these challenging times and work towards a future where innovation and diverse voices lead the way in media!


BNMF 2023: Level up your game!

Are you ready to be part of a community that believes in the power of media to inspire positive change? Join us at BNMF 2023, taking place November 17-18 at the Jugoslovenska kinoteka in Belgrade. Enter the vibrant world of BNMF, learn more about our previous forums at [], and let’s shape the media landscape together!


About DW Akademie

DW Akademie, Deutsche Welle’s Center for International Media Development, is a beacon of journalism training and knowledge transfer. Committed to strengthening the human right to freedom of expression and ensuring unfettered access to information, DW Akademie empowers people around the world to make independent decisions based on reliable facts and constructive dialogue. As a strategic partner of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, and with support from the German Foreign Office and the European Union, DW Academy actively contributes to media development in some 60 developing and emerging countries.


About the OSCE

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) takes a comprehensive approach to security, encompassing politico-military, economic, environmental and human aspects. Addressing a wide range of security-related concerns, the OSCE works towards arms control, confidence- and security-building measures, the protection of human rights, democratization, and the promotion of economic and environmental activities. In Serbia, the OSCE Mission works with government institutions, civil society and the media to build strong, independent, accountable and effective democratic institutions. Areas of focus include the rule of law and human rights, law enforcement, democratization, and media development, with the aim of strengthening the democratic fabric of the country.