Girls from Kosovo are teaching me their language 🥰  #bnmf_reunion #dw_akademie
We are definitely building bridges! ❤️‍🔥

One of the spotlights for the day “Sex Ed Glossary” starts at 4pm! ⏳

Created by @neza.p.s from Slovenia ☺️

Women's rights are human rights ❗️

Creating a community that understands importance of women’s rights in Iran with activist @neginshira 

Hearing other people’s experiences is always more than useful ❗

What did @yasser_stain say to us today about mental health? 🧐

Možda ipak i ličimo?¿ 🧐

_bravenewmedia_ 2022 💙

Vahe Sarukhanyan is a journalist and fact-checker from Armenia who came to Belgrade to share his experiences with us. 🔥

Big thanks to him for an inspirative session! ❤

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Young Media Network - a place for young people in media to feel safe with their ideas, giving them oportunities to be creative and to share their knowledge with new people

Jelena Božić, president of Young Media Network at #BNMF_REUNION